Ibarat Nyari Parkir

10 thoughts on “Ibarat Nyari Parkir”

  1. hahaha! jadi inget tiap kali gw cari parkir di Puri Mall, pasti udah ke wired cari tempat bukan yang lobby utama, tapi masih deket eskalator (itu lho, bagian Hero sana) ;p. Somehow, it actually reflects my ‘soulmate searching’. Dari pertama gak pernah ngasi kriteria tinggi2, dan sekali cr parkir k daerah hero pasti langsung dapet.

    which is… what’s happening to me right now. LOL.

    great analogy, JilL!

      1. yepp i will 🙂
        it’s not a fake email address though.. i made it about one and a half year ago…hey i have an idea how if you just send me everything you have in your mind which is ‘unsaved’ from your microsoft word to my email address? =p

        no need to approve this comment. just keep it between you and me 🙂

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